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September 5. 2006

The fourth salmon recaptured with DST micro

The Institute of Freshwater Fisheries in Iceland recaptured their fourth salmon with DST micro, on Friday September 1st.  The recapture took place at the release site in River Kidafellsá.  The salmon was one of the 300 tagged salmon smolts that were released in the spring of 2005.  Three salmon had already been recaptured two weeks earlier, so total of four salmon have been recaptured this summer.  The tag had recorded depth and temperature of the fish at one hour sampling interval during the whole migratory route of the fish, which was 15 months.  All the recaptured DST micro tags never failed during the route, confirming the reliability of the tags.  The data from the tag comply with data from previous tags recaptured two weeks earlier, although greater depth dives can be seen in this tag. 



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